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About Us

About Us

swim swim swim I SAY accepted their first student in late 2009 as a weekend only swimming company and has increased their student base more than 1000%. As a female and one of the only minority owned swimming companies in the country, we wanted to meet the needs of the Upper Manhattan and Bronx clients that were overlooked. Our focus is to teach any student including fear of water and autistic students how to swim and water safety. We are dedicated to personal service, student learning, and customer service while providing quality lessons with small classes and private lessons. A safe, supportive, and loving environment is what we strive for all students to encounter to learn how to swim.


    • Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children (doesn't include near drownings deaths)

    • People of color are three times greater to drown than any other ethic group

    • Center for Disease Control, CDC, writes "best means to prevent water related injuries is to learn how to swim."


    • Swimming is the best weapon to help combat diabetes, hypertension, asthma and obesity

    • Swimming is the best overall exercise that works every muscle without putting stress on any joints.



Our dedication to decrease drowning rates, addressing generational fear of water and erasing drowning as a sad factor that will effect many families, is what we strive to eliminate. Agnes Davis, the President and one of the instructors, has turned her passion of loving the water and swimming into an opportunity to save lives and get people healthy. She and her staff hope to make a difference in the world by helping others not become a statistic that is TOTALLY preventable by learning how to swim.

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