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Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY, the only female owned and operated swimming company based in Upper Manhattan servicing Harlem and the Bronx teaches just more than swimming to over 100 students and families.

Agnes Davis is the president and CEO of swim, swim, swim, I say and she is in the NBC10 studio to teach you about how to keep yourself and others safe near large bodies of water.

Swimming is a great physical activity for people with diabetes. Not only is it fun, it has several benefits that make it well suited for a diabetes management program.

Agnes C. Davis is a Renaissance woman with a mission to inspire, empower and inform. 

Agnes C. Davis is leading the charge to decrease generational drowning with her company, swim swim swim I SAY. 

Davis's program is one of 65 to receive Autism Speaks funding for families with financial needs. She has about six other instructors, including her older sister, Neiza, who taught her to swim as a girl.

The Founder of "Swim, Swim, Swim I SAY," Agnes Davis stopped by the WBLS studios to talk about why African Americans NEED to learn how to swim.

Agnes Davis, founder of New York-based Swim Swim Swim I SAY, said the biggest mistaken people who can’t swim make is panicking.

In honor of May being National Drowning Prevention Month, CEO of Swim Swim Swim I Say, Agnes Davis, stopped by Sway in the Morning and joined us for First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid.

Tracie Strahan speaks with Agnes Davis, president of "Swim Swim Swim I Say," a group in Harlem that aims to teach children how to swim.

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Pool Safety Tips Important for Every Parent

Swim Safety Expert Agnes Davis shares Guidance

Fox & Friends Clip

“A lot of people don’t realize that swimming is not a luxury; it’s a necessity,” said Agnes Davis, CEO, Swim Swim Swim I SAY.

Founder and CEO of "Swim Swim Swim I SAY" Agnes Davis talked about her program on the PIX11 Morning News on Tuesday.​

This summer is the perfect time to teach your child to swim or to put them into swimming classes, especially if you are Black.

Agnes Davis is the founder of the only minority-owned swim company in the Upper Manhattan, New York area.

Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY gives water safety survival tips.

In celebration of National Drowning Prevention Month, Agnes Davis, creator of swim swim swim I SAY, traveled to Atlanta to spread awareness about how to prevent drowning.

The president and founder of 'swim swim swim I SAY' talks about her group's efforts to teach kids on the autism spectrum how to swim.

Davis started with three clients, which has grown to over 100, and teaches quality swimming to children and adults in Harlem, the Bronx and New Jersey.

70 percent of black youth can’t swim. Constantino Diaz-Duran on why efforts to get minorities into the water often fail.

Nearly 60 percent of African-American children can't swim, almost twice the figure for white children, according to a first-of-its-kind survey

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