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swim swim swim I SAY

Today was Noah's first lesson with you guys and it was WONDERFUL, to say the least! He had a ball and I had a ball watching. I was thoroughly impressed by your staff's knowledge and professionalism. Swim swim swim I SAY is by far the BEST program I have seen in the city! We look forward to lots of swimming with you! Is it too early to register for the spring session?


Melanie and Noah

We love the program! The instructors were great and seem to connect with the children well. The exercises are appropriate for developing strong techniques, especially when compared to other programs around the city.



You are terrific!! Henry felt so good about himself...and wants to do more!!!



Ian really likes going to swim with you and you are an awesome swimming instructor. Thanks for your great dedication to teach Ian and all the children. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Susana and Ian

My swimming classes helped me immensely. When I started in June, I was embarrassed to take a swimming class; I simply could not swim. I actually have to thank you for helping me accomplish such an enormous goal.


Samantha H.

Ava was SO enthused about her lesson with you! She told me about everything you taught her and was clearly quite proud of her accomplishments. She was pleased that you let her go at her own pace and seems to be looking forward to her next lesson. She even compared you quite favorably to her last instructor, whom she adored. All in all, we are THRILLED! Thanks a million for all of your efforts!



Everything was great! Agnes and the instructors were all great and patient with Alisia. She loves the water and the instruction she received. We will continue!



As a 36-year-old black woman who has always wanted to swim, jumping in the pool at this age was a bit daunting. But Agnes and Swim, Swim, Swim I SAY absolutely calmed my fears. Agnes is brilliant, warm and funny. She also offers a lot of personalized attention. Without a doubt, Swim, Swim, Swim I SAY is great for beginners of all ages!

Monique S.

Sometimes we have hard things to do but it was really fun. Agnes you are the best swimming teacher. ...Sometimes we couldn’t do things and sometimes we could but we always did it in the end.

Julio S.

We love the individual care and attention, patience, and fun environment coupled with focus on safety. Our kids have really progressed in swim skills and love it! Also, we adore all of the teachers! Thank you Agnes, and the whole teaching team, for working so hard and being so patient!


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